Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Our favourite teen TV shows


My favorite TV programme is Sekainohatemadeittekyu. It's tells us about it's the world. Sometimes it's about animals other times it's about world festivals. My family watch it on Sunday in the evening. When we watch it,we laugh. I like it very much.


Everything (Arashi song)
Everything (Arashi song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
My favoriteTV programme is "VS Arashi". I see it in the evening on Thursdays. It's very interesting because Arashi is very nice and great. I watch it in the living room with Mam.


My favourite programme is "Zip". I often watch it every day. It has a lot of short programmes, so I can choose favourite programme. It's interesting and funny programme. I can watch news, music, animal and culture programme.

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