Monday, 24 November 2014

Fantasy creatures – an incredibly selfish letter

English: nymph aurae
English: nymph aurae (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hello Nymphs. How do you do?

I am a human being. My name is Reiko. When I walked in the forest I saw you around the pure source of water in forest. I was amazed. I believed that Nymphs is fantasy creature. But Nymphs is (exist). How wonderful it is! And how beautiful you are!

You are full of charming grace and intelligence. According to the book which I wrote(read), it is written that Nymphs is forever young.

I have a wish.

Please give me forever beauty and forever young by your magical powers. I am sorry for doing the wish so suddenly. Please, please grant a wish.

To beautiful and peaceful Nymphs.

From Reiko

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