Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Lost keys

There is a master key for my flat. When I moved into the flat, I was informed from landlord that it was only key for the flat and 15,000yen need to be paid in case it is lost.

I was worried to lose the original key, I go to the key shop and made a spare key. I mainly use the spare key to lock the door and keep the original key safely in my room.

One day, I planned to travel to Korea with my mother. As the departure time of our flight is in early morning, my mother stayed my flat, and we went to airport by share-ride taxi. On the day before moving to the airport, my mother planned to go to my flat and wait for me. As I always use the spare key, I put the original key under the potted plant so that my mother can pick up the key and open the door of my flat.

After a short while, I tried to find the original key but I couldn’t find it…I asked my mother where it is, but she said she put the key in my room or returned to me. I couldn’t bring back to memory at all about the original key.

As I still have spare key, there is no problem to open or lock my flat, but I have to pay some money when I move out my flat in the future!
Now I am still looking for the original key in my room…