Wednesday, 26 November 2014

I hate science

I didn’t like science at all when I was a student.
I’ve never thought over the reason why I hated science, but it’s good time. I shall think it over here.

The first reason is that I was not good at calculation.
Science always comes with formula, and calculation of number to number.
What's worse was that I assumed by myself that I was an artistic person. That’s why I was trying to stay away from numbers.

The second reason is that I can’t see the substance when we experiment.
For example, I raise an electricity. We learned the electricity by making a torch at school. The torch lighted up when I turned it on. Then, I could feel there is electric power going through, but I couldn’t see the power itself, so it was vague to me to understand it. I didn’t have good sense to understand science.

The third reason is that I couldn’t think Science is important for my life. As I grown up, I understand the knowledge from science is very important, and there is a lot of connection with living. It’s a shame, but I was too foolish and I couldn’t find the connection between science and my life.

Now, I understand my life is supported by technology created by science. I wish I could return my time, and study science again.


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