Monday, 30 March 2015

A pizza for your car keys?

It happened two month ago. The day was snowing hard.

I heard an announcement of our office to go home ASAP. I knocked off work, and I went to parking area with my colleague. I opened my car door with the key, and pulled out the goods for snow removing. I finished removing snow on my car, I sat down the seat and put my hands in the jacket pockets to pull out the car key …? My key was not in it. “Oh, I know. I put it in my skirt pocket.” I put my hands in the skirt pockets, but they were empty. “Oh, no. I must have dropped my key in the car!”

I went back the office and borrowed a torch. I searched through my car, but I couldn’t find it.” This is awful!! I can’t help thinking that I dropped my key outside!” I got out of my car, and looked around. I searched under my car too, but I couldn’t find it. At last I decided to ask someone for help. Four people helped me using snow shovels.

After ten minutes, one of them said “ I found it ! You must buy L size pizza and drink for each person!” My key was into the snow which I removed on my car.

“Thank you very much! Of course, would you like anything else?” I said to them.

For Mio