Wednesday, 25 March 2015

email from Captain Bligh

Dear Christian,

You may be surprised to receive this email from me.  It's Bligh, the captain of HMS Bounty.  

I am now in Timor, seven thousands away from where you put me on launch with my eighteen men.  It was really long way to Timor.  We landed at Tafua a day later but islanders killed one man with stones.  We had no power without big ship.  I was really sorry for him and I swore to myself I would never let anyone else be killed.  Then we sailed to Timor and it took long days through bad weather.  Sometimes it rained and sometimes it was very hot.  All of us were hungry and ill, but no one got angry or fought each other.  Fourty-one days later, we finally landed at Timor.  We found Dutch ship and they helped us.  They got surprised to know only one men died through our sailing by small boat.  I am proud of my eighteen men.  We are going back to our England soon.

Remember, I will never forgive you.  The HMS Bounty is my ship, not yours.  The mutiny means your death as you may well know.  The English ship will find you and send you back to England for trial.

William Bligh