Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Interview with Timmy, character in the graded reader "Gone!"

Interviewer:  Here is Timmy who is now the hottest baby all around our town.  Hi Timmy, it's nice to talk to you.

Timmy:  Thank you for having me today.

I:  All of us worried seriously about you since you disappeared from supermarket.  Could you tell us what was happened while you are waiting for your sister at special place for pram?

T:  Yes.  I was crying in the pram since I felt really bad with deeply wet nappy.  I couldn't do anything but crying.  Suddenly, my pram moved out from supermarket.  I was surprised and stopped crying.

I:  Then, you saw the strange woman in front of you.  What did you feel at that time?

T:  I noticed it was not my mother nor my sister from her smell and her voice.  I felt scared and cried harder.  She changed my nappy and gave me some milk.  I felt comfortable and fell asleep since I was so tired.

I:  We imagine you felt lonely during you stayed with that woman.  How did you feel when your brave sister came to save you?

T:  When she came to that room, I was sure it was my dear sister's voice.  I used to hear her voice even when I was in my mother's tummy and I was relieved to hear her voice.  I knew she was not happy to have a brother at her age and I was sad that I was not accepted by her.  Through this happening, I felt I became a true brother for her.

I:  Oh, it is a beautiful story.  I wish you have a happy life with your family.  Thank you for coming today.

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