Friday, 27 March 2015

After reading "The Key", Ritsuko's lost key story

When I came back to Matsumoto after seeing a Yamaga's football game with Osaka Gamba at Osaka two years ago, I lost my car's key. I moved by bus and my car was packed in a parking of "Skypark".

After taking off the bus, I found quickly that I had no car's key. So, I looked for my car's key at baggage space, aisle, seat in bus and at packing lot around midnight by the light from my phone. I couldn't find it and got lift to my house that night.

 In the morning of next day (before job), I went to the parking and found my car's key was put a space below window at driver's seat side. At that moment, I was very very happy. Mr car is incorporated in system not to lock the key when the key is inside the car, but ttat time, the system didn't work properly due to poor batter. I called a locksmith and they opened one door by using their equipment.

I thought my life without car was very inconvenience and is hard to continue.  And I changed the battery in my car's key right away not to cause same trouble.

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