Monday, 30 March 2015

I finished my reading books!

I read four books.

The first one is Mulan, about a fighter in China. Mulan's dad was old so he can't go to the war. Mulan goes instead, wearing armour, and fights bravely. I liked this book because Mulan is a brave woman.

Next I read Heidi, who lives in the mountains in Switzerland. She makes a friend in the town. Her friend is in a wheelchair. I liked this story because Heidi is a very good girl.

Then I read Tristan and Isolde, a sad love story from Ireland & Cornwall. This is the first sad love story I read, and it made me feel sad. Isolde is a beautiful princess. My favourite princess is Snow White.

The last book I read is Hercules. He kills his family and then when he tells the King, has to do tasks. These are difficult and dangerous, but he does all of the tasks. This book was good because I like adventure stories.
I enjoyed the interview with Hercules, because it was fun and memorable. 

I think the best book is Mulan as it is a lot of fun. The next book I want to read is an adventure book.