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Describing where you live - Nagano

English: Mount Yari from Higashikamaone 日本語: 東...
Mount Yari in all it's glory
I live in Nagano, which is a city ont he mountain in the centre of Japan. It has a population of about 2100000 (Nagano prefecture not city) people. It's the 16th biggest city in Japan.

It's a beautiful city it's great for sightseeing, hiking and doing winter sports. There are lots of mountains, temples, skiing area. There's the oldest castle in Japan (not true!). It's Matsumoto castle. It was build four hundred years ago!

The weather is very different from the south of Japan. The winter can be very cold, and it often snow for days. The summer is wonderful - it's sunny but not usually too hot and it;s great for going to the mountains.

Nagano is famous for mountains. There are lots of beautiful mountains. So many people come to Nagano climbing mountains every year. Mt Yarigatake and Mt Hotaka is as popular as Mt Fuji.

I think the best things about Nagano are the air and the water. It's so clean and very safe and very delicious. it's a beautiful city. That's the main reason why I like living here so much.

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