Saturday, 28 March 2015

Something special about rainbows; Miyuki reflects

When I was college student, I went to Hawaii for three weeks to study English at Hawaii university. It was held during summer holidays.
That time was first time to go abroad in my life as well as took a plane. The programs had a lot of activities during staying Hawaii. The main purpose was studying English, so I went to school and study. After school, I tried Hula dance, went shopping, cooked for dinner.

big island of Hawaii
big island of Hawaii (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I didn't know that rainbow is famous in Hawaii. Rainbow was painted in car number plate. On weekends, I went to Tower Records with my friends near staying hotel to buy some CDs. (Actually, it was first time to go Tower Records. In that time, I didn't listen to rock music..) After shopping, I found big rainbow in the sky! It was beautiful. Furthermore, there were two rainbows. Usually, I cannot look rainbow from begin to end but I could look the whole rainbow. I was excited and happy because I could watch them in Hawaii!

I want to look rainbow again to go Hawaii.

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