Thursday, 21 January 2016

A report - Leisure facilities in Matukawa

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Matukawa station
   The aim of this report is to give an honest description of the leisure facilities, including recommendations for improvements.

   There is a park in the town. It's huge and quiet, but there's not much you can do there. Thus children   overtake the place on weekends so that you can't jog around. Also the fountain in the park is          dilapidated.
Eating out
   There are many restaurants in the town. Each of them serves different kinds of foods and it's well    cooked, but unfortunately restaurants with good quality foods are extortionate for the youth while the  other two restaurant's food is greasy and they are always empty.
   There's a lack of entertainment in this town. The town believes that climbing mountains is the the  entertainment of the town. However, it is said that climbing mountains is very difficult and possibly  dangerous.

Matukawa would be greatly improved by building new entertainment facilities, such as a shopping centre or a game centre. Also, the town should make a new park for limited ages, it's a shame that the park is taken over by children. For me, the priority would be making fast-food restaurants in the town, so it will be affordable for teenagers and we don't have to eat in dreary restaurants.