Thursday, 14 January 2016

Posting a comment - a typical breakfast

Took a bit of courage for my beginners class to post this, their first writing piece being shared to the blog! Mie, Reiko and Hiroaki have posted a comment about what they have for breakfast, where they have it and whether they think it's healthy. Please leave a comment below with your typical breakfast!

English: Natto on rice.
Love it or hate it, the Japanese equivalent of Marmite!
For breakfast I always have rice, miso soup and pickles (nozawana)
I usually have eggs, fish, cheese, natto and vegetables.
I have green tea.
I always have breakfast at home.

I think my breakfast is not healthy.


Miso Soup
Miso Soup (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
For breakfast I usually have rice, miso soup and pickles. Sometimes I have bread with butter or jam and hot milk. I usually have breakfast at home. But sometimes I don’t have breakfast on a busy morning.
I think my breakfast is healthy.


For breakfast I have cereal or toast.
I usually have cereal and a cup of coffee but I sometimes have toast when I’m late for work.
I usually have breakfast at home, but I have toast in my car. Toast with butter and ham, or blueberry jam.