Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Seasons and Celebrations - after-reading: a popular celebration in your country

Another example of Osechi in three-tiered box
Example of Osechi in three-tiered box
The most famous celebration in my country is New Year's Day. We celebrate New Year's Day with family. Before New Year's Day, se clean up the house, cook traditional Japanese food (Osechi), send post cards and decorate the house for the coming New Year.

New Year's food is called Osechi. We put many kinds of Osechi into Ju-bako which is square wooden lacker wear container.We eat Osechi during New Year's days, so housewife can enjoy New Year's days without a lot of cooking. But now, people tend to buy it at the departmentsore or supermarket.

At midnight 31th December, they ring the watch-night bells 108 times at temple all over Japan.And people go to temple or shrine to pray. We call it Hatsumode. In the morning of !st. Jan., we eat Osechi and Ozoni(Japanese soup with rice cake in it).

We give children Otoshidama(cash) . Children are happy to get it. We receive New Year's cards on 1st Jan. ,not before the day, hopping happiness and season's greeting. At home, we play games (Japanese card etc.). Long time ago, children enjoyed flying kite or playing Hanetsuki and Koma (top)outside.But, now, they play TVgames at home. Anyway, we relax at home or visit relatives or friends. 

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