Saturday, 16 January 2016

Stories from the Five Towns; meet the parents

How did you tell your parents/family about your engagement?  How did they react?

Telling my father about my engagement was difficult and a challenge for me.  My parents and husband met first time six months after  I started going out with him.  I took him to my house and introduced him to my parents.  My mother very much welcomed him, but my father didn’t as he was the eldest son.  I am  an only child, so my father wanted me to take a husband.
One year had passed since then, my husband proposed me.  I was very glad, but I hesitated to tell my father about it.  I asked my mother to help me, but she told me I should say to him by myself.  I couldn’t tell my father about the marriage proposal straight, so I told him that my husband wanted to see and talk to him, then asked him when he would be available.  It seemed that he was a little bit uncomfortable and got my message soon.

When my husband came to my house and told about the marriage, my father didn’t accept and asked my husband and me to consider the marriage again.  Consequently, my husband came to the house to have the discussions with my father three times in total and then my father was reluctant to accept the marriage.  I couldn’t say thank you to my father straightforwardly at that time, but I could say that in the speech on the wedding.