Sunday, 24 December 2017

Do they know it's Christmas? They do now!

Luna's 2017 Christmas Party
Already a week since our wonderful Christmas Party over at the kominkan!? Far too many excited little Lunanauts for us to host the party at the school, and our go to venue being renovated meant a return to our local roots but sorry mums, no space for you - we did our best to catch as much of the action as we could...but we were really busy because Jim got the wrong songs on the CD!

You'll find Father Christmas (aka Santa) meeting most if not all of the children on Flickr here Please help yourself to downloads - we are very happy to share the smiles! (More upload to follow tomorrow btw)

Of course we have to thank the man with the beard for making such an enormous detour to visit Matsumoto prematurely, and to:

  • Head Elf Yukari for sorting everything out and having yummy food ready - and for taking Ceilidh to hospital when the TV landed on his foot tidying up :(
  • Elves Matt & Naomi for running teams & minding minions energetically
  • Elves Chihiro & Chiyo for stepping in when required & being heroes
  • Catering Elves - nothing left over = mission accomplished! 
  • Major Elf Damian for prepping & organising lovely things to do, and for knowing what to do
Wishing everyone a holiday season full of family fun, a chance to relax & take (turkey) stock...and spend time with loved ones together or in spirit. to those of us on the road/in the air these hols, travel safely - and remember to come back?!

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