Monday, 4 December 2017

Rob Roy

A fan mail to Diana.

 (Ask her a few questions as well as telling her why you admire her.)

Dear Diana,

I’m your big fan. I love you because you are a good horse rider. I love to see horse running on a green field. I’ve never seen you are riding on a horse, but I can imagine you manage your horse like you dance and run a big beautiful field in Scotland.

If possible, could you tell me the name of your lovely horse? It must be a good looking horse. There is another reason why I’m your fan. I think you are mentally strong woman.

You believed and supported your father. You are proud of him that he did what he believed. Your family’s situation became difficult because of him, but you didn’t blame on him. Were you afraid while you had kept the secret of your father? I wish I could be a listener of your lonely heart. Please do not think you are alone. Things will be better.

I always pray for you that your situation will be better.



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