Thursday, 7 December 2017

The Railway Children - Moving House

I don’t have any experiences about moving house in my childhood. When we moved to Yokohama, I was only four, so I don’t remember it. Next we moved when I was eighteen. But a lot of my friends left our town. Sometimes I envied them. Because they would have the new life, new house, new friends, and new experiences.
One day,a new student came to our class in my elementary school. Maybe I was nine or ten years old. She is elegant. We were surprised because she moved from London. Her Japanese was a little bit strange, but her manners were very beautiful. We were so surprised when she ate a piece of apple at the school lunch. We have never seen a person who ate the apple hiding around her mouth by her hand , especially did by a child . Of course some boys teased her. Because nobody ever imagined someone eats a piece of apple carefully with a beautiful manner. Actually I think she was surprised more than us.

After a while, she became my best friend. When we went to her house, her mother welcomed me and our friends. She and her mother sometimes spoke in English. We gradually got a hard friendship. It is the good old days.

After several years, she had moved to Singapore. We missed each other, so wrote many letters until she came back to Tokyo. Of course she is still one of my best friend.

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