Thursday, 14 December 2017

Northanger Abbey - A famous Japanese writer

Seichou Matsumoto is a famous mystery author. He was established ``social mystery``. He didn`t much write about character`s emotion. But he described about character`s family, company, society. I can imagine character`s life. He described ``why did she commit the crime?`` Sometimes that reason was sad or foolish. I like his 1950`s novels.The women didn't have social privilege in 1950`s. But they were very tough.They thought and thought, committed the crime. After, they covered the crime, they lived usual life every day. He described those women very charming. His novels are dramatized for TV and cinema. I like ``Suna no utsuwa`` very much. It was dramatized 4 or 5 times. But my best dram is first dramatized cinema. My best scene of that cinema is father and son walked winter beach. That is sad and beautiful.

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