Monday, 4 December 2017

Goldfish - A police Report

The old man Sype was at Westport. He was a train-robber who had stolen the Learnder pearls. He had got a nice home, a wife and lots of goldfish to sell, and money for both of them. I offered the deal. Insurance will give Twenty-five grand reward to get the Learnder pearls. Five grand to the girls who gave me the lead. Ten grand for me. Ten grand for Sype. But Sype turned down my deal and pointed a gun at me.

At that time, Mrs Sype and the nasty people Carol Donovan, Rush Madder came into Sype's house with guns. So Sype put down his gun. While I grinned at Carol, Mrs Sype was moving across the floor in order to get her husband's gun, which was near the middle of the room. As I hit Carol's head, Mrs Sype shot her back. She was dead. Madder shot Sype twice, so he was falling to the floor. I didn't want to kill Madder so I shot him in the back of the knee. I took the gun away from Mrs Sype. Then I heard Sype's voice. Although he was dying, he smiled at his wife and told her to remember the Moors.

At last I found The Learnder pearls from the black Moors body. I held them- each of them was two centimeters across heavy, round, milky white and shining. Mrs Sype said hiding the pearls in the fish was a way of remembering and the best way of punishing himself. But that idea was too hard to me.

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