Tuesday, 12 December 2017

The Last Leaf and Other Stories - Thoughts of a detective

Jimmy is Burglar. Before nine months, I had arrested Jimmy. But Jimmy was working again. I knew all about Jimmy. I decided to catch Jimmy next time. And I found Jimmy, the owner of the shoe store, Mr. Spencer, in Elmore. People liked Mr. Spencer and they respected him. It was unexpected for me. And Mr. Spencer was going to marry the banker’s daughter. That was very interesting for me. Because I thought Jimmy steals money from the bank. I had seen the banker’s family enter the bank with Jimmy. I was waiting to catch Jimmy. The trouble happened. The child was shut in the strong-room. Jimmy had cracked the strong-room’s door with Jimmy’s special tools. Mr. Spencer became Jimmy, the safe-cracker. Jimmy knew that he might be arrested by helping the child. And Jimmy decided to part from beloved Annabel. But he helped the child. Jimmy was a good burglar. I decided not to arrest Jimmy this time.

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