Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Picture Puzzle - Well Done!!

Young girl solved a mystery!! She is Amy Bates. It was Friday in a large shopping mall. Amy ran throught the crowd of people in the mall. She ran towards the boy, Pete. Amy pushed a film cassette into his hand. and she ran away. A minute later a big man was looking for her. Photo was a picture of two men. One of them was a big man, Wallace. One of them was Zetter`s lawyer, Ronald Thurber. He was giving to Wallace a thick brown envelope. Zetter was a bad person in prison. It was well-known in this town.

It is Amy`s story 「On Tuesday I saw Wallace talking to Ronald Thurber in churchyard. Wallace works at that prison. She heard "Bring the money here at nine o`clock on Friday morning. After that, I`ll help Zetter" I took a picture of the two men this time. But Wallace saw me. and I ran away .」

In the end, the police officers found £50000 in Wallace`s flat.

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