Thursday, 14 June 2018

Five Children and it - what I would wish for

You can have one wish from the Psammead yourself - what would you wish for, and why?

If I meet the Psammead, I would like to wish to have a lot of current Japanese money. (1 billion yen!!) The wish is gone the sun goes down, so I want to buy, eat, drink as much as possible!

First, I am going to Tokyo and then I am going to go famous department. I’ll check clothes for my family. If there are nice clothes, I’ll buy everything, because I don’t care money. In addition, I’ll go to high brand shop and buy nice bags, jewels, watches.

At lunchtime, I’ll have Italian food with wine. After eating, I’ll go to Spa and get a massage. It will be relax for me and forget busy lifetime.

Before sunset, I’ll go to eat sushi at Ginza with beer or Sake. If I have a wish from the Psammead, I would like to spend luxury time.

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