Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Did you know? -Biomimicry

「senna fiona beddall vocabulary」の画像検索結果Among Formula 1 fans, it has been controversial whether the modern F1 car or the classic F1 car is more stylish. New technology makes design changes in both good and bad ways. Which aspect is more important to you in choosing cars, appearance or performance?

Let me introduce you a very fascinating car with futuristic performance but looks different from cool F1 cars.

The concept car with box-like yellow body is from Mercedes Benz called “Bionic car” publicly unrevealed more than ten years ago. This car is designed based on the inspiration from the body shape of box-fish, hako-fugu in Japanese. Unlike F1 car, it has fat and round shape but it was believed to have high maneuverability and efficiency like a box-fish making quick turns with less energy consumption.

The appearance of new revolutionary cars should be unfamiliar to the public. Toyota Prius is a good example; many people reviewed it ugly but Prius has been one of the bestselling car in the world.
Many technologies, such as the shark fin and the T-wing have been adopted by F1 engineers and removed by F1 regulations.

Will you be a big fan when Formula 1 cars have round body with no wings?
It is too scared to imagine for me.

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