Thursday, 14 June 2018

Reiko's World Cup 2018 prediction - Group A

World Cup 2018 will be started today! Here is my prediction for group A.

There are 4 countries in group A as below

  1.  Russia - Host country - FIFA ranking 70th in the world. There is no star player but the strongest point is the host country. The power of audiences could help the team to win. They might score 2 goals against Saudi Arabia and win a game as FIFA ranking is almost the same. I think Russia team will probably lose the other games considering FIFA ranking.
  2. Saudi Arabia FIFA ranking 67th in the world. There is also no special player in this team. They may score 1 goal at least to any of team but I think Saudi team might not be able to the next state.
  3. Egypt FIFA ranking 45th in the world. The forwarder, Mohamed Salah Ghaly is the most famous player who belongs to Liverpool. But he got his shoulder injured and could get in the game of Russia. So I think Egypt will probably win Russia team and score 3 goals. But they might lose Uruguay team at the first game because Salah might not be able to get in the game. 
  4. Uruguay FIFA ranking 14th in the world. There are two star players; Edinson Roberto Cavani Gómez who belongs to Paris Saint-Germain and Luis Alberto Suárez Diaz who belongs to Barcelona. As Cavani and Suarez are forwarder, the offensive strength is very good, they will probably score more than 4 goals in the group stage. On the other hand, defensive strength is also good because of goal keeper, Néstor Fernando Muslera Micol. 
Uruguay team will probably finish the first round at the top of Group A.

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