Thursday, 14 June 2018

Boss - Reiko's favourite Japanese detective TV show

The Japanese TV series, Boss is my favorite detective stories.

They are 2 seasons as below:
1st season is started from 2009 April to June, 11 stories in total
2nd season is started from 2011 April to June, 11 stories in total

There are 5 team members and 1 boss, and 1 upper management reported from the boss. (in 2nd season, it would be increased to 7 members)

The leading character is called “Boss” who is a woman bureaucrat in Japanese police but relegated to USA in the name of studying profiling for 5 years. When she came back to Japan, upper managements of police made new team for her, which is for special criminals because there is no department they wanted her to go back.

Although the team is made under no expectation, they resolve many important cases every time through special characters of every member, strong leadership and help by the upper management without being seen.

The upper management entered police at the same time of the boss and he got promoted smoothly but she could not be promoted because she tend not to follow the instruction of upper managements.

The inserted song is also good. It is sung by “Superfly” who is one of Japanese pop artist. The strong voice of the song matches with the strong character of the boss very much. Superfly provide their song for the both of series.

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