Thursday, 14 June 2018

FIFA World Cup Group G expectation!

Group G has England, Belgium, Panama, and Tunisia and two of these countries go to the next round. 
Let me remind you of the FIFA ranking of these four countries: England #12, Belgium #3, Panama #55, and Tunisia #21 (June 7, 2018).

I abandon Panama and Tunisia because they will probably lose or possibly draw the match with England and Belgium. It is the first world cup for Panama and it has been more than a decade since Tunisia was qualifier in 2006. England and Belgium are way too good for them.

I learn about England players and compare them with Belgium players with my fair point of view.
What I know is that they both belong to UEFA group and have star players. However, I found that Belgium has a major anxiety and England has a significant strength.
On one hand, Belgium may possibly lose the match with Panama and Tunisia since Belgium rely on their star players individually. On the other hand, as England tried different formations and tactics against interior countries during qualifying matches they should not lose against Panama and Tunisia.

With all my respect to the president of Luna International, England will certainly finish Group G tournament in the 1st position.
I expect to see who would be the next Wayne Rooney, Harry Kane or Raheem Sterling. It will certainly the best if Kane would become the best scorer and Sterling would make the most assists.

If I were wrong, I will definitely finish my reading assignments by the end of the last match between Panama and Tunisia in Group G, which is on June 28. 

Off topic but Vauxhall has been the sponsor for four nations in the UK. German car maker, BMW , is one of the sponsors for Belgium national team. How could England possibly lose against Belgium? 

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