Sunday, 17 June 2018

World Cup Predictions for Group D - Yumi the pundit

The teams of group D of World Cup soccer, 2018 is Argentina, Iceland, Croatia, and Nigeria.
I’m estimating the result of games of group D as follows.

In the game of Argentina VS Iceland, Gylfi will score two goals, but Messi will score 3 goals, so Argentina might beet Iceland.

In the Croatia VS Nigeria, Mikel will show his excellent performance and he would lead the win of the game by one to zero to Nigeria.

Nigeria will show their fundamental power in the game with Argentina.
They would control the game in the most of time, but they may lose one score at 20 mins in the second half. It is unfortunate but Nigeria may lose the game by one to three.

Finally, I estimate that Argentina will be the first and Croatia will be the second in group D.
They will go to next stage of game.

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