Sunday, 17 June 2018

FIFA World Cup Predictions Group B

Sorry for my late predictions… The games have already started!!  Please allow me to predict from next games.

There are Portugal, Spain, Iran and Morocco in Group B.  I think Portugal will be top in the group and must go to next stage.  The other team should be Spain, but I am not really sure about that.  It is because that the coach was replaced with new one just 2 days out from the 1st game.  It may affect the team, but it would not be serious.  I think Spain will probably go to next stage with Portugal.

On June 20th, Portugal and Spain will have the games with Morocco and Iran respectively.  Portugal will beat Morocco 5 to 0.  Christiano Ronald may turn the hat trick again.  Spain will beat Iran 3 to 1.  I hope Andres Iniesta who is traded to Vissel Kobe recently might score at least 1.

On June 25th, both countries will have the last game in the group.  Portugal will probably beat Iran 3 to 1 and Spain will beat Morocco 2 to 1.

Portugal might have the game with Russia which is host country at round of 16, beat and then go to Quarter-final.

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