Saturday, 2 February 2008

The Black Cat

A detective novelist "Edogawa Ranpo" is well-known in Japan. Do you know his name comes from an American novelist "Edgar Allan Poe" who wrote about terrible people with strange lives? "Black Cat " is one of his masterpieces.

There's a man who loves animals and keeps a beautiful and intelligent black cat. At first he lives happily with the black cat but he changes slowly to be unkind, selfish and violent because of alcohol.

Eventually he cruelly kills the black cat. Some days after he finds another black cat and keeps him. One day he kills his wife because she stops him killing the new black cat. He buries her dead body in the wall but it is found by the police because a voice like a child crying comes from inside of the wall. When her dead body appears, the black cat is standing on her head covered with dried blood.

This story will frighten you!


jim said...


What a great piece of writing! Really good job!

I've never been a fan of horror stories, and I'm not sure I want to start reading them now!

I hope your classmates will pay attention and start doing their homework too?


kaerukun said...

I respect Chisato for writing compact and clear remark.
Why you choose such a scary story?
so you can fight with the thief!