Sunday, 3 February 2008

The Full Monty

The Full Monty is a very popular and funny British file!
Gaz and five others decide to form a strippers’ group. None of the men has stripped before. Gaz must make sure the local women come to the show, so he tells them that the group will take all their clothes off. Will these unlikely strippers dare to go for the ‘full monty’?
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Writing #24
Imagine you are a reporter working on the Sheffield Star. Write about the show for the paper’s front page.

Male strippers “HOT METAL” coming soon!
Six unemployed men have formed a male stripper group, HOT METAL. They were worker at steel factory in Sheffield and unemployed, because the factory was closed by competition. They got to know each other at the job club while they are looking for a job, and decided to form the male stripper group to earn the money. They exercised their dance at their factory warehouse. Gaz who is the leader of this group said they will take all their clothes off. It means "The Full Monty".