Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

This is supposed to be a romantic day! A day of hoping for that special person to notice you and send you some lovely flowers anonymously, or for some chocolates to arrive on your desk mysteriously, a trinket to appear for you, or a poem handwritten & dedicated to you in an unsigned card...

Ladies: you do not have to do anything today except look lovely, expectant, and lovely again.

Guys, you've got it all wrong. There is NO "Giri Choco". YOU should be busting a nut doing something special for the lady (or ladies) in your life - or for that one you've had your eye on but not been brave enough to act yet. Today's the day. Strike while you have the golden opportunity! Go for it!

There is NO White Day. This is a rubbish invention to sell more chocolate. This 'day' does not exist anywhere else on this planet. If you can't be romantic & spontaneous today, forget it. White Day is for losers!

"But what happens if I forgot?" Well, you're in the dog house! Only an expensive restaurant with a decent bottle of wine, flowers, a present, and you all dressed up posh will save your bacon. Don't panic; be cool, pretend you had a surprise all planned out...

So get your act together gentlemen (and I do mean "gentlemen"). Top Ten Tips:
  1. Ladies first today (should be everyday, anyway, right?)
  2. Open doors for ladies (ditto above)
  3. Make her day - say it with flowers (a dozen red roses the norm)
  4. Do something unusual - buy her something cute...or sexy?
  5. Cook dinner, or book a table somewhere nice. (Got kids? Get a babysitter!)
  6. Send an I.L.Y. text message
  7. Candles & incense tonight, turn the TV off (and her on!)
  8. Say "I love you" in another language!
  9. Put a heart on her desk/car/pillow/dog
  10. Don't wait - do it NOW. Go on. NOW.

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