Monday, 18 February 2008

Shakespeare, His life and plays

This book is very educational, so I could view his 37 works along his life. If you want to see your favorite classic human story with beautifull English, this ( a littile serious ) books must meet your need.

#15 Hello, I am working as dramatist to make new type of plays about English history, comedies and tragidies. I am doing well. In case of hearing bad rumor, please don't be care of criticizing for me. How are Hamnet, Judith and you doing? Don't you have any cold? I will back soon. #16 (I don't know John Manningham because I can't pick that name up from the book, but) I may feel jealous about the talent of Shakespeare. His works are all coping from other writings being on fasion. He is just actor, not writer. #17 "You must be serious and intelligent man, my daughter is happy with such a good hasband." "I will live with Susannna in your hometown Stratford, please meet sometimes together." #18 I would like to see King Lear, because I am one of fathers and feel a lot about my child. If I have the social position, I am a father, I am a man at the same time. I must be feel something form that works.