Monday, 25 February 2008

Goodbye Matsumoto - Hello Waseda!

Absolutely magic news for everyone associated with Luna today, as one of our students has managed to get himself into Waseda University. We are all jumping up & down with pleaseure and pride today, totally thrilled to bits, enjoying some champagne with his mum.

I don't usually name names on the blog, but Mitsuya deserves a massive round of applause for his achievement - a lot of hard work has paid of, at last. As I have personally known Mitsuya & taught him over the last six years, I feel especially chuffed and pleased for his family.

He has come a long way too; in 2002 he passed YLE Flyers as baby-faced kid, and was bullied shamefully on a homestay in New Zealand (by me!). Now he has FCE under his belt, a TOEIC score better than most teachers could get, and is too big to push around anymore.

Obviously, my Monday evening schedule is going to change now. Any really bright students with a lot of ambition want to get into a good uni? Give us a call!

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