Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Shakespeare - His Life and Plays

Now I can post my first one.

I, with my wife, have been to Shakespeare's Birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon several years ago, and this book at first reminded me of the memory. The backyard of the house was a quiet garden with complicated path with a mood of countryside, as I had expected for such a historical old house, but in front of the house there was an urban street with certain traffic.
The author referred to The Seven Samurai in light of similarity of stories. It's no surprise of any similarities between them because Korosawa loved Shakespeare so much that he borrowed stories from many plays of Shakespeare. But this book told me that Shakespeare also was such a writer who refurbish old stories very well. Interesting.

(To find out more about the area Tetsuro is writing about, please click If you want to change the langauge, go to the flag icon in the top corner! It's a beautiful part of England. Jim)

Dear Anne, I am acting in a theatre in London and also have wrote some plays, which were very succesful. Are you, Susanna, Hamnet, and Judith all doing well? If something is going wrong, write me. I will come back to you.

Saw "Twelfth Night". Heard an interesting story, obviously a joke, about Shakespeare and Burbage, both casted in the play. Burbage saw a beautiful woman in the audience and arranged to meet her. But when knocking on her door, Shakespeare was already making love to her, saying "William I came before Richard III". Brilliant.

S: "So, Mr. Hall, what are you doing?"
H: "Sir, I am a doctor. You may have heard of a doctor who uses plants to cure the patients."
S: "Oh, are you that Dr. Hall? What a pleasure to meet you!"
H: "I came here today to..."
S: "Of course, no problem!"

I would like to read or see A Midsummer Night's Dream because I always like comedies. According the book, this play looks to have a complex structure of three stories affecting each others. This kind of complexity in dramas, I also like.