Saturday, 21 June 2014

After reading "The Bride Wore Black" - tell us about a wedding you've been to

I went to wedding on February 8th. It was heavy snowing that was record. To go wedding of venues, I wore rain boots. While driving, it was keeping snowing.. When I arrived at venues, car park had been covered snow. Everything was white.

The wedding ceremony was delayed due to the heavy snow. The parents of groom could not arrived on time. The ceremony was scheduled to start from 12 o'clock but a lot of people include the parents could not come by the time. I waited a hour and the wedding party started without the parents of groom. There was only few people for groom. He felt lonely and his speech was sad. Eventually, his parents and his friends arrived. The groom face became happy. The friends prepared video letter for the bridal couple.

The beginning was not good but finally the wedding was nice and happy.

Finished wedding, my car was buried by snow.. I dig snow to rescue my car..

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