Tuesday, 24 June 2014

After reading "Death at Hadrian's Wall"...

 Explain how to put up a tent, and to make sure you do not get wet during the night.

When setting up a tent, it is important to find a flat area that is relatively high to ensure that you will not get wet if it rains. It is also important to clear the area free from stones and branches that could pierce or chafe your tent. It may be good to use some dry branches as a broom to sweep the area.

Now it's ready to set up your tent. When you pull out all the items out of the tent bag, make sure you have them in front of you neatly so you don't get confused.

Place down the four corners of the inner tent and spread them out so the base part is on the ground. Peg each corner to the ground and make a nice square by pegging each opposite corner in turns.

Next, assemble the poles and run them through the sleeves to give the tent a shape. Make sure you know which poles are for which section, and the ends of each pole have to be stuck firmly into the fastenings.

You also need to hook up the outer tent but I’m running out of space. Hope you read the instructions carefully and have some nice rest in your cosy tent.

Posted for Nobuyuki