Monday, 23 June 2014

After reading "The Show Must Go On"

Write about your contribution to a play/performance from behind the scenes

My mother teaches the piano and Koto (Japanese traditional instrument). She gives a music recital for her students every year. Almost students join the recital and they play in front of audience.

When she gave the recital last year, I helped her. I announced player’s name and their message before they played. That was my first time to try indoor announcer. Before the recital started, I felt nervous. But when the recital started, I didn’t feel that. I tried to speak slowly and clearly. And I enjoyed the being indoor announcer. Each player was more nervous than me. So I tried to being smile.

I think if the announce has a lot of mistake, the player felt more nervous. And they couldn’t play well. But it was difficult to say each player’s name. Sometimes their name was difficult to say clearly.
I think my announcement was good! I did not play the piano, but I felt I join the recital.

I will try to be indoor announcer this year, too. So I try to practice I pronounce clearly. I think this year’s announce is better than last year!

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