Wednesday, 25 June 2014

After reading "The Secret in the Farmhouse"...

The boys make the front page of the local newspaper. Write the dramatic article.

Brave Four helped police! 

 The local police office has been looking for the stolen goods in the town. They could not find out anything until those four kids gave the great hint.

The four kids came to the town for their school trip this week and discovered the stolen goods in the old farmhouse during orienteering. They saw the robbery at the old farmhouse and remembered the car number. The photo taken by a girl helped the police as well. She always carries her camera and takes a lot of photos. She could have a confident with her photo and will be a good photographer in future.

A boy had been in a trouble and was not a good student, but he changed his mind through this school trip. He realized he is not alone and he had good friends. They discussed how they should address this issue and decided what they should do next. They helped each other and showed a really good team work to solve this case. After the robbers were arrested, those kids got lots of reward money.

They have decided to donate money to help young people who are now in a trouble. What wonderful kids! We can say the robbery would not be arrested without brave four kids.

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