Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Exhibition in Trattoria Gallery Matsumoto

 From May 22nd to Jun 7th, we are having the exhibition of Bolormaa Baasansuren in the Gallery. Bolormaa Baasansuren is a budding Mongolian illustrator. Recently she was awarded some international prizes and she has published about 10 picture books in Japan. The theme of her pictures is mainly about traditional Mongolian life and nature in huge fields of grass in Mongolia. She draws Mongolian’s spirit really delicately and finely. Her hand works are amazing and touching. The colors are also interesting. She tries to express Mongolian traditional colors in her pictures. I recommend seeing them with your own eyes.

 You can also enjoy fabulous Italian pizza, pasta and so on in the gallery restaurant. Having good food whilst appreciating art will be a special time for you.