Monday, 30 June 2014

After reading "Shopping for Trouble" - Describe your very best friend, and explain why you stick together.

My mother and her mother are good friend. So I and my best friend have known from we were 4 or 5 years old. But we have been best friend from we became adult. Of course we were good friend from we were children.

I don’t know why we became best friend. I think one of reason is we like same artist.

From ten more years ago, we go to their concert every New Year’s holiday. And we stayed same hotel room two or three days. I find I don’t care about my life style when I stay with her. And I don’t care about her life style, too. So I feel comfortable with her. We only can meet twice or three times every year. But we can understand each other.

One day, I understood she felt uncomfortable about her friend. She said nothing. But I could understand. After few years, I said to her about this. She was surprised, and she became smile. I think she understand me, too. If we say nothing when we stay together, we don’t care. And we don’t feel uncomfortable.

My sister said to me, “Your friend is always looks like her.”

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