Friday, 27 June 2014

After reading "The Man Next Door" - student digs

Describe where you used to live as a student

I used to live in Tokyo for four years when I was a college student. It was the first time and only time to live away from my parents, but I was not lonely since I lived in the college’s dormitory.

There are about one hundred students who came from other prefectures. The dormitory was built in the area of the college, so it was very convenient to go to the college. I was happy as I didn’t need to ride the crowed trains.

When we were freshman, we had to share a room with other student. My flatmate was from Osaka. She was very smart and active. In addition, she liked to talk and go out a lot. I didn’t like her, but in fact, I was a little bit no match for her as I like to spend the time by myself. Fortunately, she had many chances to stay the nights in her relatives. Therefore, I could keep the good relationship with her.

After that, we were given each room. It was very narrow, but very comfortable to live. Drinking was prohibited in the dormitory, but sometimes I bought some alcohols with my friends and had the small parties in the room. The dormitory curfew was 9:50 pm which was too early, but I enjoyed the college life in Tokyo as much as I could.