Monday, 16 March 2020

After reading - Organization which want to support

I had two dogs and love dogs. I would like to support an organization to help abandoned or stray dogs/cats because approx. 83 thousand dogs and cats were euthanized/culled in Japan. Approx. 15% of the euthanized dogs/cats had been pets. In Japan, it is general approach to buy an animal in pet store. In order to making good sales, pet stores usually sell little dogs/cats who are at/just after 8 month old.  Little dos/cats are very very cute and some people might decide to buy a dog or cat without thinking carefully how impact the animal gives their life. It is said by many that some owners abandoned their pets when unexpected hard things happened.
I really hope that all pet stores are gone in the future and only owners who can nurse the pet until their end of life can buy them from reputable breeders checked by government. Until my dream about animals comes true, I would like to donate/support organization to help abandoned dogs/cats because the dogs/cats cannot choose their owner, but the abandoned dogs/cats experienced terrible things.  The organization makes them feel safe and secure, and gives a chance for safe/happy life as second life to the abandoned dogs/cats.

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