Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Postcard from... Ariakezan Shrine

Ariakezan Shrine
I like to explore new places. If you find yourself needing to someplace to explore, then this shrine would be perfect and I would like to share it with you. It is located in the mountains far from Matsumoto city in Azumino. In order to get to the shrine, I had to walk from Azumi-Oiwake station, which was far. As I was walking deeper into the mountains, I started seeing wild monkies running around which was really neat to see. When I arrived at the shrine, after having stopped for ice coffee at some cafes along the way, I arrived at the entrance gate to the shrine. Seeing the detail of the wood carvings was really cool. If you are a fan of architecture, then this would be the shrine to visit. The main gate has really detailed carvings of animals ranging from farm animals to dragons. The overall feeling of the shrine makes you feel like you can just sit and relax
The main gate and the wood dragon carving
 the day away and enjoy nature. While I was there I sat and enjoyed the wind and calming atmosphere of the shrine grounds. It was very peaceful. After exploring the shrine, I was able to relax and enjoy lunch at a nearby cafe. After that, I was able to walk back to the city on this clear and perfect day. If you are interested in exploration, then I suggest this as a perfect place to explore.

Have a great time exploring new things,

Laputa - Really nice cafe with delicious food

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