Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Sayuri's trip to London - Notting Hill inspired!

Platform  93⁄4 , St. Pancras
When I arrived at St. Pancras station by Eurostar with my husband, it was almost 8pm. We were deadly tired as the Eurostar was delayed and we had to stand in a long queue over 4 hours at Gare du Nord in Paris.

Right next to St. Pancras station there was Kings Cross station where we could see the famous 93⁄4 plat form. We enjoyed watching many people paid and took photos there. We bought some chocolate frogs(didn’t move!) and the Bertie Bott`s Every Flavour Beans. By the time we were quite happy and forgot about our stressful journey from Paris.

We stayed at a nice hotel near Waterloo station and had comfortable 3 nights.
double-decker bus on Westminster Bridge, in front of Big Ben
Their elevators spoke to us"Doors closing" but it sounded like "George Clooney" to my husband. So everytime we were on the elevator, we said "George Clooney" to the closing doors.

Every morning we got up early and had very good almost full English breakfast and started walking along River Thames. There were lots to see. One of the interesting things was the nursery rhyme under the London Bridge. When we walked through under the London Bridge in dark, we heard the famous melody in girl's spooky voice. That made our blood run cold.

We also went to Notting Hill and saw the travel book shop where the film was shot. It was not a book shop anymore and they sold lots of things for tourists like us, though we didn't buy anything there.

Now the art exhibition of the British National Gallery was to have been on in Tokyo but the art museum is closed because of the nasty virus corona. We really hope this world crisis comes to the end somehow and sometime soon. We still looking forward to seeing many fine arts which we enjoyed very much in London. Those will be good reminders of our lovely days in London.
a lion in dawn we started walking that early in the morning
the travel book shop in Notting Hill
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