Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Postcard from...Haneda airport

Who's the tallest now?!
A snap decision to accept an invitation from her uncle & aunt in Australia, some frantic preparations and a dash down the expressway to Haneda airport and a rendez-vous with Qantas, bag just about packed and ready to travel alone...

A quick pit-stop at Futaba SA gave us a stunning view of Mount Fuji, which is still taller than everybody.

Bye bye Eleanor!
And then we said quick goodbyes at the security gate, cousins clambering to get in a final farewell, and off she went bravely on her own (accompanied by ground staff) to find her big Kangaroo for the overnight flight to Sydney. We waved her her off into the night sky, and followed her progress across the Pacific...she had her toes wriggling in the sand before we even got back home!

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