Monday, 30 March 2020

Cell & Microbes - a book review

The book I read is called Cells and Microbes, by Louise & Richard Spilsbury. I enjoyed this book a lot, because I learned a lot of new & cool stuff.

I learned some new words in this book:

  • infection - when microbes like bacteria or viruses make part of an animal's body sick
  • antibiotics - drugs that doctors give you to make you well, when you are sick
  • methane - a type of gas
  • identical - the same as someone or something else
  • lactic acid - a substance that can stop food going bad
  • nerve - a type of cell that sends messages around an animal's body
  • nutrient - something that we get from food to live & grow
  • photosynthesis - the way that plants use sunlight to make sugar for food
Two types of microbe:
  • bacteria - can be killed by antibiotics
  • virus - can't be killed by antibiotics
Two types of animal cell:
  • red blood cells
  • nerve cells
I think the most interesting type of cell in this book is the white blood cell, because the cells can move around our body & kill the bad microbes.

My favourite chapter was "Plant Cells" because in this chapter they explain about photosynthesis and it was interesting.
My favourite picture was of a man getting an injection. I want to be a doctor! Yuto

The Quizlet set for this book is here >>

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