Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Postcard from...Kawasaki-daishi Temple

Main Gate
Kawasaki-daishi Temple is tucked away in Kanagawa prefecture, not far away from the famous boat racing circuit, the race course, and the international airport (Haneda). It's famous for its "power of Yakuyoke" (warding off evil), and is one of the biggest temples of the Chisan School of Shingon Buddhism.

We saw the famous burning ceremony "Ogama Kito" in the main hall after entering the courtyard via the very impressive main gate. Not so thrilling were all the souvenir shops lined up down the street beyond!

I was very impressed with the "Kyozo" or Sutra Repository, focussed around a statue of Shaka Nyorai and home to 7,240 books of Kenryuban Daizokyo, in pristine condition lining the walls.
Hakkaku Gojunoto

Commanding the skyline is the 5-storey pagoda "Hakkaku Gojunoto", around which the gardens unfold with statues dotted around. I'm glad we could visit when there were not so many tourists; judging by the size of the toilet block, I imagine there are usually a lot!

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