Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Engage, engage and engage!

Teachers often ask me what does it take to manage a classroom of students and teach a successful lesson: should I teach this? Should I teach that? Should I do this? or should I do that etc. and so on. As a teacher trainer on the Cambridge CELTA courses working in various centers in various countries, I observe and assess hundreds of lessons each year and often see teachers incorporate amazingly creative techniques, develop revolutionary materials, and use the most high-tech resources as well as frequently demonstrate an outstanding knowledge of grammar, phonology, and metalanguage, etc. with the most amazing expertise. But, in my opinion, the most overriding indicator of a lesson being successful and the teacher achieving their overall lesson aim is whether the lesson engages the learners and moreover engages the learners in their learning. If this happens, it's most likely a winner! Quite simple really, but I guess the next question is 'How do we engage learners?'. I'll leave this to you to ponder and contribute any ideas.

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