Monday, 23 March 2020

A letter to my friend, Othello

Dear Othello,

 I am writing to tell you about something very important, so please read this letter carefully and quickly. I know about Iago’s plans for revenge. Iago hates you because he could not be chosen as your lieutenant. Everyone told him that you should choose Iago as your lieutenant, but you gave the job to Michael Cassio. Iago thought Cassio is not appropriate person as lieutenant because he has never sent an army onto the battle field in his life. He pretends as a good officer but try to destroy your life. He tells a lie to Roderigo who loves Desdemona, and let him kill Cassio so that he can make a story that Cassio and Desdemona love each other. It is true that Cassio is an innocent and Desdemona loves you from the bottom of her heart. You should trust them instead of Iago. As I found a letter from Iago to Roderigo and would like you to tell you the truth before you have a second thought on Cassio and Desdemona.


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